1. Standin' on Top of the World
  2. Drinkin'
  3. A Little Like Vegas
  4. Screamer
  5. Gypsy Woman
  6. I Know
LoadStoneD would like to thank the following: Andy, Chase and Adelio at side 3 studios; Gary at Dog House Music; Austin at Rupps Drums; Greg, because he’s the man; Crossroads Tavern for the tequila shots; BNSF Convention for the 4am train horn; coffee; all the BS in the world for inspiration; the powers that be for showing them what can be accomplished in 3 days.

Chris would like to thank his wife, Crystal, who said it was about time this EP happened and who was brutally honest in critique; his family–and especially sons (Devin, Trenton, and Spencer)–for their support; everyone who hopped planes to make this project a reality; everyone who believed in the music, helped to shape it, and put up with him in the process; Dave for putting his design talents to work on the project; and everyone who chose to leave his chef’s hat and apron at home!

Dave would like to thank Chris, Dan, Tim, Tina, Mom, Dad, Sis and the rest of his family and friends; the French for the chef’s hat and apron.

Dan would like to thank Dave for the invitation to play on this project; his department head for the time off to fly to Denver; his grandma for her musical genes and Old Navy for comfortable jeans; Nichiren Daishonin for inspiring people since 1253.

Tim would like to thank Gary at DHM for the space, referral and never-ending positive attitude.